Monday, November 17, 2008

The Power Of Choice

I have become very passionate about spreading the awareness of CHOICE. Choice provides opportunity, awareness, personal power and intention. It is always there in every situation, whether it would be a choice to take action, a choice relating to behaviour, a choice to change, a choice to move forward, a choice to ask, a choice to express and so on... I could go on forever!! Our choices create the life we live, the choices we consciously make and the ones we sub-consciously make. Taking personal responsibility for yourself, your life and your actions creates choice. It builds confidence and independence. I hear people say 'I have no choice' or they blame others or events for their situations. They give away their independence, their self worth and live with the expectation that there are no positive choices, that they only get what life dishes out to them. Realising that you have a choice, that the choices you have made have created your life as it is now, is the first step. Embracing choice , deciding, creating intention, and living a life you want, is the POWER OF CHOICE. Where do you feel you have no choice in your life right now? Open your awareness and explore, the choices will appear COMING SOON - THE POWER OF CHOICE WORKSHOP Vicki x

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