Monday, February 9, 2009


The power of acknowledging yourself is something so inspiring and boosting to your self esteem..

How often do you acknowledge yourself for all that you do??

The past 2 weeks I have been writing 10 positive acknowledgments each day and boy the power of doing this is valuable. It is fantastic for my self confidence, self respect, self awareness and self love. To recognize and acknowledge the things I do, feel and achieve throughout the day encourages me to do more tomorrow. Being a single mum with 3 magnificent boys and building a business out of nothing is really overwhelming, exhausting and extremely exciting. Doing these acknowledgments gives me the fuel and inspiration to keep following my passion. It helps me to believe in myself and be proud of what I do. Something that we humans neglect to do for ourselves and often have never and will never do for ourselves. Self praise is not to be egotistical or self centered, rather just confidence! Confidence in the decisions you have made for yourself, confidence in what you do each day. Instead of looking for approval or appreciation from others, find it within yourselves, it really does mean so much more.

Try it, 10 acknowledgments per day and see the positive change in you!!!!
Start by saying - I acknowledge myself for.......................................................


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