Saturday, May 9, 2009


Ever get the feeling that your life is not your own, created from others expectations? The feeling of not really living or being yourself for fear of not being good enough in others eyes or beliefs. We neglect ourselves, our hearts and dreams so much that we are floating along doing things or thinking things that we have come to believe that we "should or must' do and think? Is this why depression, addiction, abuse, low self esteem and many other negative problems are on the rise?

Do you ever stop and think 'this is my one life!' 'What do I want?' ' What do I believe?' and then get hit with a million excuses why not to explore the questions, or feel guilty of possibly being selfish? Expectations create FEAR... Feelings of insecurity, limitations, supression, anxiety, the list goes on. We all experience it and the question is how do we overcome it and start confidently being ourselves and finding our own uniqueness?

We can intend to recognise our feelings and act in a way that bests supports ourselves, as it is not a selfish act just self respect! We can acknowledge our own strengths and opinions for it is not egotistical just confidence! We can allow ourselves a choice without guilt, it is our choice!

Do you have expectations over others? How do they affect your relationships? We can start by lifting our expectations off those around us and see the change.. Allowing others to be themselves will inspire you to embrace uniqueness and possibilities.........and to LOVE unconditionally, after all isn't that what we are really wanting??

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Annette said...

That is awesome vicki and so true.
Love ur work
Annette xxx