Saturday, May 23, 2009


I am reading yet again another self-development book or 2! "Change your life in 7 days', 'Trusting You', Power to Choose' etc.. What exactly am I searching for? They all write relatively the same things on positive thinking, success consciousness and believing in you, so what am I not getting, what am I missing?
I am thinking all the 'right things', spreading awareness, inspiring others and understanding the concepts... So I sat, writing and reading more, then a little voice, with a distant tone said to me, 'Other people see the value in you and benefit from it, so why not you?' It seems that I am projecting all this knowledge outwards, inspiring and helping others and once again neglecting myself.

How often do you receive a compliment from someone and say 'thank you', with confidence. How often do you give helpful and positive advice on love, finances and parenting etc to others and yet are unable to follow that very advice and apply it to yourself? If we gave to ourselves the kindness, knowledge and love that which we give out our self esteem, confidence and success would shine.. We could trust and embrace our uniqueness, follow our dreams and enjoy our one life!

Start with the one thing you are good at doing or giving to others and she how much you do and give the same for yourself. Practice doing and giving to yourself, and feel it, I mean really feel it. Self kindness, self respect, no matter how foreign, feel good about it..

I am starting with trusting my ability to create Brave and Beyond........

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